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from the start

From the Start

As we live each day
with our lives online,
we meet new friends
to share our time.

Though we are living
so far apart,
it seems we have known
each other from the start.

We have opened up a world
where there was none.
We have brought into our lives
friendship that will never be undone.

We are changed forever.
Our hearts will never forget
the friendship we started 
the very day we met. 

You may just be a voice, some text,
an email, or a picture from online.
To me you're my friend who will 
be forever mine.

With your friendship and kindness you 
have filled my heart.
You have been there for me even
from the start. 

So I share with you today a
moment of your time.
And thank you for sharing your heart
with me online.

©2001 Created & written by: Ms. K. Foley

Music is from the movie: Color Purple

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