It is that time of year again..

Shoveling and freezing toes..





Snow men and a cold nose!






But that's not all.....







Don't you see it's coming..







It's right around the corner...







No, It's not Winter..







What do you think it is?








Yes, That's right!

 Christmas time..








Shopping and Searching for the perfect gift..






Mistle Toe & the Happy Holiday Cheer

Dancing and Christmas Carols








You're not ready?





Here is a little something

 to get you in the mood!







That didn't get you in the mood? 

Maybe this..






 How about this?




The Main thing to remember

During this Holiday Season is..

It's not how big the gift is or how small,

It's the thought that Counts!

You have just been given Smiles for Christmas!

Lets see how many smiles we can give and how many we get back.

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